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A Short history

Hi and welcome to Radio Juan!  Radio Juan is a London based, monthly music show hosted by Victor and Ollie.  New and old, spanning time and space, Radio Juan is here to deliver our simple aim: to bring you eclectic musical therapy to soundtrack your daily routines.

When we talk to you about Radio Juan, we often talk about it in 4 phases:

1) Humble coastal beginnings: Typically, the sort of shenanigans you get up to at university, rarely stands the test of time. But not Radio Juan. What started out as a twice a week slot on University Radio Falmer, where a few handful of our close friends, family and lecture study buddies would tune in as we stumbled around the studio (alongside our early Radio Juan adopter, Dave), soon became so much more.

2) NW Shift work: Between shifts at pubs and bakeries, Radio Juan manifested itself in late 2010 into an infrequent music podcast, spewing out our favourite tunes over inane chatter often about the travails of shift work, transport and the weather.  As our music tastes shifted and varied, so did our gear. Huddling over the laptop microphone was abandoned for USB mics and headphones. A lot of trecking between our North London houses to record in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and even once, a small toilet.  Between 2010 and 2013, in finding our radio voices, we clocked up over 50 episodes,

3) The Hackney Renaissance: Following a long, dramatic pause where life got in the way somewhat, Radio Juan returned to the airwaves in late 2015 with Episode 56.   We rediscovered our love for sharing exciting new music and generally making each other laugh on air and couldn't resist the lure of the mic.  

4) New Cross pros:  And now here we stand. Our kind and talented friend Pete invited us to record in his studio down in South London, and since the turn of 2017, have bought monthly Radio Juan episodes. With so much debt and thanks to Producer Pete, sounding crisp, clean and even vaguely professional, the Radio Juan train carries on, with maturing music tastes, special guests, jingles, DJ sets, competitions and a lively social media presence.  Thank you for listening!

Above: 2010

Below: 2017